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The Pinoy Basketball League Bay Area — "Ito ang GAME NATIN" is the motto of our beloved and reorganized Pinoy Basketball League in the Bay Area. The league's main objective is to create an affordable and healthy venue of recreation for the Filipino community and to foster the values of physical fitness, friendship, unity and "bayanihan" among its members. It's open to players 35 years old or over of Filipino descent who are passionate about the game of basketball and plays a year-round schedule at Serramonte del Rey in Daly City.

We've established this website to improve the lines of communication among our team members and to keep our fans updated with the latest games, scores, news and events. The newly designed PBL website will help you to find out what Pinoy Basketball League is all about. So, come on in and get to know us better because after all,"ito ang GAME NATIN"

Memo from the Desk of the Commissioner - August 11, 2013

I would like extend my deepest gratitude and appreciation to the Players, The Coaches, and the Referees, the Team Capt. Our fans, friends and family. And most especially to the PBL Officers who devoted their time each Sunday to run a smooth Basketball League, our webmaster who spend time updating the scores, stats etc., the senior officer whom I always get an excellent advice, and most especially the table officers, the clock score , book scorer work without complain and sometimes get yelled at by the players and coach , I was appointed as your Commissioner by Dean Santos over 1 1/12 years now, I joined the league since 2001 and throughout the years I learned to love the league for only one main reason the "Camaraderie" As your Commissioner my main concern is your safety, and I wish I could say no to injuries as we know it’s a contact sport , I’m always be the first official assisting the injured. I've seen different kinds of injuries and witness a very unforgettable injury by a player not too long ago I felt sad not only for him but for the family as well and I'm glad to say he's back playing again. I always remind the officer of the league when making a decision on any matter regarding any issue is always make the decision based on facts and always for best interest of our league and set aside friendship, I was fortunate when I step in, the league has already set Rules and 15 rules to be exact you can view this 15 rules to our website and all have to do is to implement it, I'm thankful to the Godfather Rocky and Big O for that there are the foundation of this league. With one of the rule # 9 that I will assure you and I will not allow or tolerate any Unsportsmanlike conduct such as intimidation, trash talk, dirty play, excessive argumentation to the player and official and most important Intentionally hitting a player that will result to injury. It will be "DEALT" severely by the league that can be lead to permanent suspension or banishments from the league, Let's have fun and enjoy our favorite pastime, I've seen some player bringing their kids and family in the Gym, let's show them Sportsmanship after all " ITO ANG GAME NATIN" And I say " O SAAN KA PA "




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