1. Every game will be played in 4 quarters. The first, second and third quarters will each be 10 minutes but for the 4th quarter will last 10 minutes for regular and 12 minutes for playoffs with the last 2 minutes in a stop-clock mode during the regular season and 3 minutes during the playoffs.

2. Time gap between quarters will last 1 minute; halftime will be 3 minutes.

Tie System Rules - For 2 way tie it's win over the other regardless of points (-), winning Team has advantage and for 3 way tie or more it's a point system rule.

Default Rules - The Winning Team will give 1 win + 2 points and the losing Team will give 2 losses & no point deduction.

3. There will be 2 timeouts for each half, with a total of 4 for the game. All timeouts will be 1 minute long and any unused timeout in the first half cannot be carried over to the second half. In case of overtime, each team will be given one extra timeout, first OT 3minutes with nonstop clock, 2nd OT it will be 2minutes. After two overtime periods with a tie score, the game will go to sudden death with 1 Time Out & first team to score two points wins the game.

4. Each game will start on time with a minimum of 4 players on the playing court for each team. A grace period of 10 minutes will be given to each team to field a minimum of 4 players. Any team that cannot field 4 players at game time will lose by forfeit. However, if there are 4 players in the gym at game time and getting dressed for the game, the game can continue. A technical foul will be assessed to the team with not enough players on the playing court at game time. The dressing period should not exceed 5 minutes; otherwise, the forfeit rule will apply.

5. Each player will be ensured a minimum of 12 minutes playing time. In the first and second quarters, every player must play the full duration of 10 minutes with no substitution. The team captain can have player substitution patterns at his discretion after each player has played the minimum 12 minutes playing time.

6. Only the team captain can address any issues or complaints about officiating, scoring, or any pertinent issue about the game. For any issue to be addressed, team captains can approach as far as the end table only, no exceptions.

7. It's the team captain's responsibility to keep his non-playing players on the bench and not block the view of the scoring table personnel and to keep the game in order.

8. Any player getting 2 technical fouls in a game will be ejected from the game and automatically suspended for one game. Two ejections in one season will result in a disciplinary action by the Commissioner.

9. Any player throwing a punch whether it lands or not will be suspended for one full season. If the offense occurs at season's end, the suspension will be carried over to the following season, with the suspension not less than a minimum of eight games. Players who constantly display unsportsmanlike actions like intimidation, dirty play, excessive argumentation with players and officials, trash talk, etc. will be dealt with severely by the league that can lead to permanent suspension or banishment from the league.

10. First place will be awarded on the finals and individual trophies & league MVP, finals MVP and medals for the runner up.

11. All players MUST pay the $45 mandatory fee on the 1st game and must be fully paid before they can play on their Team's 3rd Game, otherwise the game will be forfeited (before or after the game).

12. The referee shall be the judge of the ball and shall decide when the ball is in play, in bounds, whose possession, and shall keep track of the game clock. The referee shall decide when the goal has been made and keep account of the basket, since the league has no instant replay. The referee may consult the timekeeper when necessary.

13. Foul away from the ball, in any quarter deliberately fouling a poor shooter for a free throw plus possession is not allowed, only applies in the NBA

14. PBL or other uniform must be worn accordingly, with the shirt tucked in noncompliance will be penalizes, automatic 2pts per each player with non uniform , no mismatched.

15. In Any Division Open or Selection - any player must play 3 games in the regular season to be allowed to play in the playoffs.


All players must pay their dues in full before they can play on their team’s 3rd game, otherwise will be forfeited.


From the desk of the Commissioner:

This is a reminder to all players that in the PBL competition in all games is allowed to a certain extent. The league will not tolerate any dirty or foul play to inflict any bodily harm or injury to any player or official. We're here for the enjoyment of our favorite pastime so let's make sure that we control our emotions and not be carried to the extreme. Violators will be dealt with by the league that will include suspension or banishment if necessary, to ensure fair play and the league's best interest.

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